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 A Methodist, one that lives according to the method laid down in the Bible.

   John Wesley 1753 English Dictionary

There are millions of persons around the world who identify as  Methodist and participate in numerous denominations.

This website presents a few basic concepts articulated by the Founder of the Methodist societies,  John Wesley in the 1700's in England.  Historical Methodism is debatable, but the means of grace, the way people receive the graces of prevenient grace, justifying grace, sanctifying grace, perfecting grace, and glorifying grace is common among Methodist from most every denomination.The small group programs that are recommended are offered in numerous Methodist churches worldwide and attendance should be free of charge.

"The Class-Meeting as a Means of Grace"

Rev Wilson T Hogue, Ph.d.  1907

partial list of readings to become a class leader;

The Class leader,  Atkinson

The Drill-Master of Methodism, Goodell

The Class Meeting,   Fitzgerald

Memoir of Carvosso  

Christian Perfection,  Wesley

Perfect Love ,  Wood

History of Methodism,  Stevens

​​Where there is no vision the people perish... Proverbs 29:18

 Did Moses practice a Method ?

Wesley taught about Methodism:  "We aver, it is the one, old religion:  as old as the Reformation, as old as Christianity, as old as Moses, as old as Adam."  January 5, 1761

Suggested Readings:

The Sermons of John Wesley 

A Collection for the Christian Journey

Collins & Vickers 2013 

Lists Wesley's sermons in the flow of 

Prevenient Grace to Glorifying Grace

To better understand

the Methodist Societies  please read;

"The Works of John Wesley" on Societies and class meetings

"Diary of an Oxford Methodist Benjamin Ingham, 1733-1734"

Edited by Richard Heitzenrater

"The Early Methodist Class Meeting"

David Lowes Watson  1985

"John Wesley's Class Meeting"

D. Michael Henderson  1997