Scripture Reading is a means of grace

There are many plans for  how to read the scriptures in an organized way. ‚Äč 

Communion is one of the Means of Grace

John Wesley believed the sacraments are a means of grace and upheld  the Anglican view that "a sacrament is 'an outward sign of inward grace, and a means whereby we receive the same.'"

Singing hymns is a big part of the Methodist Tradition of worship with Charles Wesley writing over 6000.  In 1761 John Wesley gave directions for singing hymns and he stated not to change the hymns.  "O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing" is traditionally the first hymn listed in the Hymnal.  

Fasting is a Means of Grace

The previously mentioned Means of Grace, Wesley called works of piety.

Wesley also labeled works of mercy as a means of grace, and these would be,

service ministries like: visiting the sick, and visiting those in prison, and ministering to the poor. 

O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing

Charles Wesley Traditional Version

Small Groups are part of the means of grace in Methodism.  "conferencing"

 Lectio Divina is a recommended way to read the scriptures and form a relationship with God.   Monks have used this way of reading and praying for centuries.  Below is a short video explanation.

Link to Lectio Divina video coming

Worship is a Means of Grace

Link to "How to Pray" / Model Christian Prayer  Matthew 6:5-15  coming

Prayer is the central means of Grace.

Richard Foster's book  "Prayer" is recommended, along with "Dimensions of Prayer" by Douglas Steere and Andrew Murray's , "With Christ in the School of Prayer".

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The means of graceare practices over the centuries that show results for people who are looking to receive grace from God.  The list includes, but is not limited too: Prayer, Scripture Reading, Communion, Fasting, Worship, and Christian Conferencing (small groups).  The information in this section is general in nature.  On the other parts of this website the most appropriate/effective ways to practice the means of grace are listed by the grace you are seeking to experience. A recommended reading on the Means of Grace would include "Celebration of Discipline " by Richard Foster.

Food for Thought -Means of Grace      

To get started into the means of grace you are going to need some encouragement.  One way is through worship.   The song "We sing praises to your name" is a worship song that God can use to stir something in  you.   You will see a sign in the video that says "fear", & overcoming fears is a part of starting the means of grace in your life, but keep going as you will also see the hope sign too !  Hope is always a big part of the Means of Grace ! !