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Someone on a camp out or goes to the ocean and sees a beautiful sunset looks up at the sky and realizes for the first time there must be a God.

John Wesley's sermon for those with Prevenient Grace

Suggested Books to minister to your prevenient grace: 

How to be Born Again by Billy Graham

Suggested Books for Prayer:

Sleeping with Bread, Holding what Gives You Life, Linn

A Simple Life-Changing Prayer, Jim Manney

Prevenient Grace mini Sermon

 Prevenient Grace Suggested scripture reading

The Gospel of John because it was, "... written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ,..."   John 20:31.    "Lectio Divina" is a Benedictine way of reading the scripture so as to have a relationship with God.  It is suggested that you meditate and pray about each paragraph you read.

Prevenient Grace Sounds Like:

The United Methodist hymnal starts prevenient grace hymns with # 337.  Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus #349 reveals the Prevenient Grace that presents and begins the way to go. Also For the Beauty of the Earth is a song that is part of the prevenient grace experience.

Praying with your Prevenient Grace with tips for how to recognize an answer

PREVENIENT GRACE  Prayer Session 1

     Give thanks to God for making a beautiful world that reflects his majesty .  Pray about the things you remember about the different places you have visited, and through time the sunrises and sunsets you have noticed.

Prevenient Grace Prayer Session 2, Question

     How would you describe the way you have been drawn to Jesus ?

A. Slowly over time.

B. One particular event.

C. Both A and B 

D. I am not sure about this question

Prayer exercise;

       Spend a few minutes thinking about how you have been drawn to Jesus and give thanks for what God has done, if you are unsure about what this means then give thanks that God is opening your mind up to Him now.

Tip for Recognizing an answer:

You have a growing curiosity about God.

What does prevenient grace feel like?

A couple of simple examples might be like; staring up at a Rainbow after enduring a big storm, and realizing the storm is over.  Or realizing that, "a God big enough to make all the stars of heaven, is big enough to handle my problems".

Prevenient Grace Small Groups   

John Wesley provided the Methodist Class Meeting for those with prevenient grace.

Today :  Recommended places to look would include; Alpha, Covenant Discipleship, 3DM see

These groups do not charge a fee to join.

 Food For Thought --

Since there are dozens of denominations of Methodist Churches

the information here is general in nature.

​​​​​​What is Prevenient Grace ?

 Prevenient Grace Bible Verse

Prevenient Grace Hymns

Books that help Prevenient Grace

​Groups that help Prevenient Grace

Prevenient Grace is something you get from God that you don't deserve.  This is not to be confused with mercy where there is something you do deserve, but is withheld.

 For example: a punishment.

It is important to move from praying for mercy to praying for grace.  If you are always praying, "God have mercy on me." here is some good news, a totally different life awaits you.  Where something is wrong, OK, pray for mercy.  But start Praying for grace because God is gracious and good.  

Here is a promise from God to memorize: 

"and ye shall seek me and find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart..."  This comes from the Bible in Jeremiah ch 29:13-14 KJV

Prevenient Grace is something you acknowledge as good.

 1. Prevenient Grace reveals that God has made a beautiful world for you to live in.

2. God wants to have a spiritual relationship with you.

 3. Therefore, pray for God to help you in your spiritual relationship with Him and rely on His graciousness as the basis for an answer.

Prevenient Grace Scripture Verse:  John 6:44  
"No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day​...Jesus Christ   KJV